la belle artiste (xxdelicious) wrote,
la belle artiste

SOO. update.

ive been in tokyo for a week, we lived out of a duffle bag and a backpack... came back with two duffle bags, a backpack and two big paper bags full of STUFF.
our festivities included:
Clubbing (japan's nightlife is waaaaaaaaaaaay better then the US)
Resturant Bar.. 10 bucks ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL <3 with like a 50 course dinner.
Akihabra: which is an town with a shitload of cheap electronics, anime and japanese porn (NERD HEAVEN) i got a pink cybershot =D
DISNEY SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its basically disney like ocean themed <3
New Years Countdown in Tokyo at a shrine!! REALLY AMAZING, we got to eat all the tradition stuff.. fresh made mochi!!
Harajuku- Crowded place full of TEENS!! lots of shopping =]
Bowling!! which is only 5 dollars a game.
SUPER GOOD FAMOUS RAMEN PLACE... you have to eat in booth by yourself and not talk so you can really enjoy it

then it was off to uncle toshi's (mikes uncle) in the north country side. it was soo fun because i was staying with a traditional japanese family... and they speak english =] i seriously got the full japanese experience. the family is seriously like an anime.. the mom cooks breakfast and all the kids eat and the father takes us out. when we leave the mom and sister stand outside and wave. she packs us snacks too. they also prepare the next meal while we are away. and everyone eats sitting on the floor.
in utsunomya our festivities included:
NIKKO!! it was snowing and ive never been in snow and there was LOTS of it. we got to see monkeys and a ridculous shrine this shogun made to show off his wealth
MORE shopping at the mall
then TWIN MOTEGI- the very famous race track... i got to see all these COOL cars, which is news for the boys and i wont bore you with it.
HOT SPRINGS!! i was alone because the boys and girls were separated and its all old women.. haha they were so cute though cause they were like SUUGOOOI (amazing) at my neck piercing and they all crowded around me to look at my american acrylics, i think thats cause its the way country side and old women havnt seen that stuff.

that is it. i gained 4 pounds.
and ive learned four things about japanese people
-they can fall asleep anywhere
-they love pictures.. of everything
-they will line up for anything (even to take a picture of a cool potted plant)
-they know how to spend money

soooooo ill upload pictures LATER!! and some videos.. i have a video of mikes drunk cousin imitating americans and how they say fuck so much... haha good stuff.
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