la belle artiste (xxdelicious) wrote,
la belle artiste

does anyone recognize the absurdity and pointlessness of facebook!? come on, i dont have time to give inanimate objects as gifts or send electronic flowers that grow into some weird shit. i also don't have to time to "throw cheesecake", "ghostride" or give mixed drinks to people that dont even get you drunk. i dont even want to mention the "joints" you can pass around... apparently if i keep on passing around fake electronic weed i can increase my status as a super stoner... yesss.. now i can build up my weed tolerance online!
the one good thing... is the tagging/photo album system, its pretty brilliant. but its lame that you cant see everyones pictures.

anywayyyy i miss you girls =[ im leaving for japan on the 13th ill be back on the 23rd... and so will jamie!! and we can have fun =]

im seducing the cutest nerd.
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