la belle artiste (xxdelicious) wrote,
la belle artiste

im tired of the same. i tired of the ordinary. im tired of people trying to fit in. im tired of people thinking they are better then other people. im tired of judging. im tired of grades. i tired of "you need a college degree" cause you will lead an unhappy life. im tired of the apathetic. im tired of feeling alone. im tired of thinking no one understands me. im tired of being left alone. im tired of everyone wanting the same things. im tired of fashions. im tired of girls trying to "look cute". im tired of girls throwing themselves at guys. im tired of guys praying on girls. im tired of ugly guys who think they are hot shit, when they are not. im tired of people who are narrow minded. im tired of the selfish. im tired of people who think the world revolves around them. im tired of people who cant accept differences. im tired of people who cant appreciate differences. im tired of people who cant see beauty in simple things. im tired of people thinking im so fucking weird.


i want to go somewhere extraordinary. i want to meet someone with a story to tell, that i want to listen about. i want to waste away. i want to cry. i want to scream. i want to hide in a box. i want to run far. there is seriously too much of the same thing. and im suffocating in it.
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